The world’s leading communications consultancy on environmental issues
The world’s leading communications consultancy on environmental issues

With 15 years’ experience of high-level communications, in dozens of countries, we know your environment.


The world’s leading communications consultancy on environmental issues

Browning Environmental was spun out of its parent firm, Browning & Associates (B&A), in 2017. 

The move was in response to demand from B&A clients for a specialist, knowledgeable service that large companies could depend on to provide best practice solutions to environmental communications challenges. 

We operate globally, with teams of experienced environmental communicators with advertising, digital and PR backgrounds, working together with specialists from the environmental sciences. 

Their experience includes some of the highest profile environmental campaigns, including for Sir Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room, the launch of the world’s most efficient container ships for A.P. Moller-Maersk and Daewoo, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Our activities are co-ordinated from offices in London, UK and Bonn, Germany, and our network of consultants is active in dozens of countries worldwide. 

With decades of knowledge in one shop, we can execute highly- targeted campaigns that are more credible and creative, across owned, earned and paid media. 

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About Browning Environmental


Our consultants have worked on environmental campaigns with NGOs including WWF, TNC and CDP, with government agencies such as NOAA in the USA or SITRA in Finland, and influential CEOs including Paul Polman, Nils Andersen and Jochen Zeitz. With this network, we can help build new partnerships or initiatives on any conceivable environmental topics.

We also continually study the science and the public policy issues of the various environmental topic – from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) to Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). This means we can deliver for you from day one, and provide considerable added-value strategic insights to your particular challenge.



Specialising in the environment means Browning Environment can communicate more creatively, essential to engage audiences in a world in constant motion.

Environmental messages are often complex and need a particular creativity to deliver engagement.

Likewise environmental services or initiatives often sound attractive on the drawing board, but struggle for definition when launched publically.  

Our consultants have seen first-hand how campaigns have succeeded or failed and build up a reservoir of knowledge that is unprecedented in the communications space.

This means we can apply our creativity more freely to the text, visuals, video or events that will best engage your target audiences.



With decades’ experience of global issues campaigns, from the ivory trade to solar power, Browning Environmental’s consultants have developed the tools, tactics and networks to co-ordinate large-scale public attention.

At the same time, most environmental campaigns – from sustainable forestry to noise pollution – happen at the local level.  We have a network of consultants who can translate and deliver your culturally-appropriate message in dozens of countries around the world.

Our work is increasingly targeted, and we use the most sophisticated digital tools and datasets available to reach large chunks of the general public. At the expert level, we are often developing a campaign aimed at influencing a handful of individuals at a given time – whether politicians, regulators, investors or business people.